Kingshill Cars can transport you for £4 a day to and from Prestwood. The timetable is designed to get you to the fast trains and pick you up from the same as well.

Why are we doing this? Because we are aware that there is a huge parking problem in Great Missenden so if we can help people to leave their car at home we will.

If we get this service off the ground then we will provide a similar service for South Heath / Ballinger/ The Lee

If you regularly commute and would like to use such a service at a particular time then please get in touch with


From Prestwood to Great Missenden Station @ £2 a head

8th October to 9 December 2017 to coincide with leaf fall timetable the cars will be 3 mins ahead of these times

Kings Head 06.23 06.58 07.28 07.51
Wren Davis 06.26 07.01 07.31 07.54
Chequers Parade 06.29 07.04 07.34 07.57
Green Man 06.32 07.07 07.37 08.00
Great Missenden Station 06.35 07.10 07.40 08.10


Departures from Great Missenden Station to Prestwood   @ £2 a head

06.35 07.10 07.44 18.10 19.10


If you have any questions please contact us, if this is a success we may also offer routine services for other local surrounding areas.